DIMG for Windows

This is a straight Win32 disk imaging utility supporting older releases of Windows than the fancier cross-platform version does not.

The above screenshots show it running under Windows NT 4.0 (on the left) and Windows NT 3.51 (on the right - not windows 3.1).


Until these limitations are resolved in future versions you may as well use RawWrite for Windows unless you need to image some floppy disks using only a DEC Alpha.


For all available releases, see The current version is 0.1 which was released on the 7th of June 2010 and includes a simple imaging utility (SIMG). A manifest file is also available for use on Windows XP/vista/7 systems. Place this in the same directory as simg32.exe to use the new xp/vista/7 widget styles.

The software is available in the following forms:

Filename Architecture Description x86 (Intel/AMD) This is the version to use if you have a PC. DEC Alpha This is a build for Windows NT systems with a DEC Alpha RISC CPU (like an AlphaStation or an AlphaServer). It does not work on PCs. any The source code. For if you want to make changes to the program. GPL licensed.