This site contains some software I (David Goodwin) have developed or contributed to in my spare time for various purposes. It is provided here in case it might be useful to someone.

Software Status Version
zxweather In Development 0.2.0 (13 January 2013)
C-Kermit for Windows In Development Beta available
tempview Current 2.0.0 (11 December 2016)
serialwriter Current 1.0 (10 June 2012)
zxlife Current 1.0 (12 May 2012)
DIMG Current 1.2.1 (12 June 2011)
WinDIMG32 Current 0.1 (7 June 2010)
RNetTraf Current 1.0.0 (19 January 2010)
LTSEmbedder Finished 0.5 (25 September 2010)
IASEL Retired 1.1 (17 October 2009)
ttyplayer Retired 0.1 (10 November 2008)

In Development = no "stable" versions released yet - only beta or prototype releases (if any) so far.
Current = Stable versions available. Still maintained. There may be more releases.
Finished = Stable version available, no longer maintained. If problems occur it is unlikely they will be fixed and there will probably never be new features.
Retired = A Finished version (may not have had a proper stable release though) which probably no longer works.