TempView is a simple open source data logger for USB HID temperature and humidity environment sensors from PCSensor (RDing Technology Ltd, Shenzhen City, China). It supports the following devices (and any others sufficiently identical to them):

It supports logging to either a SQLite database file or a PostgreSQL database server. Samples are recorded every 5 minutes, the main window is updated either once a second (2 minute range) or once every five minutes (2 hour range). Logged data can be exported to delimited text files (tab, csv, custom) or be used to plot custom charts over any arbitrary timespan. Charts can be saved as PNG, BMP, JPEG or PDF.

TempView also provides the ability to share the temperature sensor between multiple PCs by pointing multiple copies of TempView at the same PostgreSQL database with one computer logging to the database and the rest using the database as their data source. It also supports read-only access to temperature and humidity data (either the indoor or outdoor sensors) from a zxweather database.

It runs on Windows is available in source and binary form from The current version is 2.0.0 released on the 11th of December 2016 and introduces the following new features:

The software is available in English only at this time but should be easily translatable.


Main Window

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Data Export



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