RNetTraf is a rewrite of the original NetTraf client to provide better integration with modern Windows and Linux systems. It mostly duplicates the look and functionality of the original NetTraf client except that, on Windows, it uses the current windows widget styles rather than the old 9x style.


Known Issues

The current version (v1.0) has a number of quirks but v2.0 should be ready someday to fix those. Until v2.0 is ready, you'll have to live with the following:

I've noticed some unusual behaviour when multiple NetTraf clients are connected to the same server. One client may be correctly showing a lot of activity while the other is showing little or none. Restarting the affected client normally corrects it (for that client at least). I'm not certain at this time if this is a bug in RNetTraf or the NetTraf server.

Missing Features

Currently the indicator between the two graphs and in the system tray just shows if there is data going in (green) or out (red). The option to show levels (the "Use the new taskbar icon style" option in the original client) is not available at this time but will return in v2.0.


RNetTraf is provided under the GNU GPL v2 license. You can download win32 binaries as well as source code from